The modules in the standard grid size of 36 cm in height, width and depth are coated with colored melamine resin and the edges are waxed. This results in three lengths of 36, 72 and 108 cm as well as combinations in half heights and depths of 18 cm.


The modules are solid and ready-to-assemble from MDF (16 mm), glued with a miter joint, hand-made in Berlin, the high-precision connecting elements and accessories made of stainless steel are produced regionally in Germany.


All modules can be placed on base plates with adjustable feet or rollers and provided with drawers. The boxes with rear walls can also be individually subdivided with flexible full-width shelves using carrier plates.


The possible changes to the system are reversible and designed without tools and without interfering with the material. The wall or ceiling is attached damage-free via the rear or side walls with the help of special retaining washers that also serve as drilling jigs. Adapted tilt protection of shelves of any height and width is thus intuitively possible during and after assembly.